Pure and simple

Glass Storage

Keeps food fresh, doesn’t stain or hold odors, and cleans up like a champ. Durable, pure Pyrex® glass is the clear choice for food storage.

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Heavy lightweights

Plastic Storage

Stackable, airtight. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Our plastic storage packs up light, but it’s jam-packed with what matters.

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Perfect Toppers


Prep your meals and keep leftovers fresh—and keep your fridge and pantry organized—with our range of food-saving lids.

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Food storage that's built to last.

  • Storage_icon-your-choice
    Your choice

    Pure Pyrex glass or BPA-free Snapware plastic—choose your perfect storage.

  • Storage_icon-preserve
    Preserve and conserve

    Protect taste and freshness while reducing waste.

  • Storage_icon-stackable
    Everything in its place

    Stackable, space-saving, life-changing—the perfect organized kitchen.

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